New Branding, Domain Change & Website

We've been lucky enough to work with this highly successful real estate agent and her team for many years. The project involved building a new brand, a logo and new mobile ready website. Also Jill need to change the primary domain she was using for the website. We handled the technical aspects of this and specifically the management of this transition with regard to notifying search engines of this change.

Emphasizing Experience & Reputation

Jill is a seasoned agent. She’s built her career on putting her clients first. She has a stellar reputation so we heirachically brought this to the fore.

Featured Listing Management

Jill is always listing homes, our job is to showcase them automatically.

Featured Listing Detail Page & Lead Capture

Jills listings are displayed beautifully on every device. The level of lead capture strength be changed from 'off' to 'lock-down'. This enables us to test which setting works best in Jill's market area.

Powerful tools, approachable design

We built a graphically impactful grid showcasing important functionality offered by her site.

Market Data Summary

Data goes a long way to explain Jill's real estate market. At the start of each month we create a summary of the closed sales for the prior month. We then post this summary across Jill's social networks for her illustrating her grip on the market.

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Market Data Detail by Community

We manage the updates of sold home data on Jill's website. As the area expert Jill has both an overall view of the market but also how it affects specific communities. We sort the sold data by specific community for her. These data tables are also mobile ready

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Community Information

For people who don't know her town as well as Jill does we built a page which lists the residential communities.

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