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Here's little sample of what we've been working on recently...

“Simplicity is the ultimate sophistication.” — Leonardo da Vinci

Elizabeth W. Team

Strategy / Brand Design / Web Design

The Art of Real Estate

We’ve been fortunate to have worked with this client for over 8 years. They work in a highly sophisticated, upscale suburb close to New York City.

Their team’s M.O. is that they are elevating the experience of their services to an art form. As students of twentieth century art and design we set to working on a branding system that is an homage to Op Art. By reducing its elements to six lines, we were able to find a solution that strikes a balance between elegance and instant recognizability.

“We have been working with Limeyboy for many years, and we couldn’t be happier. We are a real estate team in Essex County NJ and they have helped us immeasurably with our creative branding, website design and social media. They have a superb and creative eye for visual design and layout and all their suggestions and recommendations have been thoughtful and current from a design perspective. They also revamped our new team logo and we have received many compliments for it. From a process standpoint, they have been outstanding – they’re  super responsive and get back to us with phone calls, emails and text messages immediately. They are  true professionals with a firm grasp on branding and website design business. We highly recommend them 100%!”

Partnering since 2015

J. Blanchard Team

Strategy / Brand Design / Web Design / Social Media

Consistency is key

A client since 2011. We’ve had the pleasure of working together for more than a decade.  This client is unrelenting in their work ethic and dedication to their clients. Regardless of the volume of business they achieve they remain down to earth, kind and are genuinely providing individualized personal service to each client. The branding of the team needed to represent both the professionalism and warmth of the client experience.

“Limeyboy is the best thing that has happened to my business!  Their knowledge far exceeds that of any of any other individual I have spoken with relative to real estate on the web.  They’ve helped me bring my site to the top of the search engines for my town specific business – They taught me what I needed to do to make it happen and they’re always available to answer my questions. They’ve never let me down!”

Partnering since 2011

J. Southren

Strategy / Brand Design / Web Design / Social Media

Professional, personable, knowledgeable 

We’ve worked together for over a decade. With a stellar reputation amongst both colleagues and clients we created a branding system, website and social media that keeps them out front in their field. Our client needed a branding system that works from  social media icons to billboards, literally.

“I have been working with Limeyboy for the past twelve years. Since my introduction to him it has been a fantastic experience. Limeyboy should be incorporated into all business plans!”

Partnering since 2011

K. Gordon Real Estate

Strategy / Brand Design / Web Design / Social Media

An established player in a sophisticated market

Having sold her brokerage in 2022, our client needed to quickly establish an individual brand identity in her local market as full-time agent. Having worked together for over a decade in building her brokerage brand we knew her, her business, and her ideal client very well. This helped us build a brand in short order, minimizing any marketing downtime between selling her brokerage and establishing her agent business.

“I’ve often found myself thinking over the years that Limeyboy knows my business better than I do. They are a trusted partner who are essential to business success!”

Partnering since 2011

Home Connections

Strategy / Brand Design / Web Design / Social Media

One of family of companies we’re developing

A client for many years. We’ve developed brands for their various companies. From real estate brokerages, to property management, to a development company working in the ADU field. Each brand needs to exist in isolation as well as part of a family of companies. We developed a visual language that enables us to create new sub-brands as their business grows.

“I have worked with limeyboy since 2010. In that time they have been the consummate professionals in every sense of the word. limeyboy had a first hand knowledge of all things real estate tech. They understand marketing, branding,  SEO, search, customer behavior more than any other vendor I have come across (and I have interviewed them all).  Despite that knowledge limeyboy is also one of the most patient people I have ever worked with. One time I’ve had successful business leaders my industry say “I owe my career to Limeyboy.” .”

Partnering since 2011

Leaf Realtors Branding

Strategy / Brand Design / Web Design / Social Media

Brokerage in a box. Having worked for other brokerages the client called us when they needed a strong brand in a competitive marketplace.

In a little over a decade, Leaf, Realtors went from a single agent to a dominant force in their market area. They needed a brand that was upscale whilst offering their customers a more contemporary suite of services than the more legacy, traditional brands were offering. Before it’s acquisition by Sotherby’s International Realty in 2022, Leaf enjoyed the largest market share locally.

“I have been working with Limeyboy for the past twelve years. Since my introduction to him it has been a fantastic experience. Limeyboy should be incorporated into all business plans!”

Partnering since 2011

Rocky Mountain Bird Guide

Strategy / Brand Design

Branding for a Colorado birding guide company. “More twitter, less Audubon”

Our client came to us with an idea of how to distinguish themselves amongst the other birding guides in the Rocky Mountains. We began by identifying who their ideal client was. Where were they coming from, where were they finding their information, what brands they associate with. Our solution was a distillation of the geography and the subject matter. Every brand solution always has an eye on the adaptability of the solution across all marketing platforms. It needs to work as a social media icon, in print, on a sign.

Theresa D. Branding

Strategy / Brand Design / Web Design / Social Media

Brand makeover for an established agent

Theresa recognized that she had taken her business as far as she could with the tools available to her that were from her brokerage. She needed to develop a sophisticated brand that her ideal clients could relate to whilst reflecting the quality of service that she offered. As well as developing the brand we also assisted her with art direction for her professional photoshoots that we were able to use across her marketing moving forward

“Thank you, Nick, it’s been a pleasure working with you.” Partnering since 2018

Elizabeth R. Team

Strategy / Brand Design / Web Design / Social Media

Brand makeover for an established agent with a growing team.

In working together for over a decade we have seen our client’s business grow from an individual to a growing team. A sophisticated client in a sophisticated market needed a clear strong brand to stand out in a competitive, crowded field.

Joni B. Branding

Strategy / Brand Design / Web Design / Social Media

When Joni moved her business from inland to the shore it felt like a good time to refresh her brand for her new location

When you work with a client over many years, the direction of their business can take twists and turns. When our client decided to move her business to the shore it was decided that it was a good time to refresh her branding to resonate with a more organic, ocean lifestyle vibe.

StonyB. Realty

Strategy / Brand Design / Web Design / Social Media

An independent brokerage that needed a brand refresh

We were approached by an independent brokerage with an established business who were branching out into a new geographic area. The company had been using the original branding and their expansion presented an opportunity to revisit their brand identity system. We continue to work with the company as their creative agency for on-going marketing projects.

“It’s a little nerve-racking changing our original branding. However having gone through the process patiently with limeyboy step by step, I couldn’t be more happy with the results”

Partnering since 2019

We take the time to develop solutions that feel just right

We always start from a clean slate. A rebrand presents an opportunity to hit pause and reflect on what you have been doing and redefine where you’re headed next.

Process Driven Solutions

Momentum Vs. Velocity

The difference between momentum and velocity is that momentum is a measure of the amount of motion in an object, and velocity is a measure of an object’s speed with direction.

Without first defining in what direction you want to go, how do you know you’re getting closer to achieving your goals?

We use the following process with every client, from establishing first principles and values through to on-going marketing support and creative direction.


If you could do it all again, would you build your business how it is today? Let’s hit pause, and spend some time re-identifying your why, your who and your how.

Brand Design

Having helped clients find the people they want to do business with, we then design brands to resonate with their target market authentically.

Web Design

We build web tools that confirm and deliver on the promise of your marketing. Let’s build something that has a clear goal and that delivers.

Social Media

We partner with our clients to help them provide authentic, timely messaging to their target audience. Together we craft authentic, tailored communication.

Marketing Support

Imagine having access to your own creative agency. Need to bounce an idea off someone? Do you have an idea but are not sure how to make that happen? We’re here.

Content Management

We can take the administration of content creation off your plate either entirely or partially. Pick what you want to do and we’ll take care of the rest.

Cheap's kind of expensive

If you’re a bargain hunter, we’re not for you. If you value your time, expertise, and expect extraordinary service, thoughtful creative, and a trusted partner we’d love to talk.

Have you ever found yourself buying the cheap alternative to the brand name, only to end up purchasing the high quality product a little while later?

Do you mourn the days when you didn’t have to pay for checking a bag or paying for a drink on a plane? Us too. This race to the bottom leaves us wholly unsatisfied.

So if you are tired of never speaking to the same person, of working with companies where you feel more like a number than a person, we’re here to offer you an alternative.

Time is the most precious commodity

We respect your time, as such here are our starting prices. If we’re in the same ballpark let’s talk.

Branding a Person

From $8,000

Branding a Company

From $14,000

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