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Refreshing an Established Brand

SBR, an established brand in the real estate industry, approached us for a refresh after seeing our work. The company was expanding and opening a new office in a market where they had no brand presence. The owners felt this was the perfect opportunity to revisit their branding as they established their brokerage in a new area.

We began our collaboration from a business strategy perspective. Our goal was to understand their past successes and plan for their future growth. We wanted to know what had worked for them and what they needed to do to elevate their business. It was also essential to determine how they would measure success.

We often view these projects as resolving alignment issues. Frequently, a client’s current product offering isn’t accurately reflected in their marketing, or their business has evolved since its inception. The initial phase of these projects provides clients with an opportunity to pause and reflect on their achievements, and also to reimagine their company as if starting from scratch. What would they do differently? What changes would they make?

SB Logo

SBR already had a company name, tagline, and color scheme. We developed a new logo to enhance brand recognition and marketing flexibility. We also updated the color scheme to create a more vibrant and energetic feel. Additionally, we selected a new font that combined an upscale feel with a modern, refined aesthetic.

With the brand identity established, we continued working with the brokerage, updating all business materials, ongoing marketing materials, signage, social media templates, and their website.

SB Color scheme
SB Business card
SB Website
SB Website Ipad
SB Sign
SB Mailer
SB Mailer
SB Thanksgiving
SB Easter
SB Holidays
SB St Patricks

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